Welcome to Joshua-Ministry!

The Josua-Dienst e.V. (Joshua-Ministry) is a non-profit, non-denominational Association based on biblical principles that is primarily active in the fields of seminars, counselling and equipping Christians.

The name "Joshua-Ministry" refers to the biblical Joshua and like him this Ministry aims to support and equip those that are serving in God’s kingdom as leaders and collaborators, helping them to enter into their God given promised land.

"Now go up and go with all the people across the Jordan into the land that I want to give you, lead the whole people of Israel across the Jordan!" Jos. 1.2

The main topics of the different seminars relate to "equip", i.e. to empower the inner self , to encounter God and to relate to physical healing in Jesus Christ.

The Joshua-Ministry is located in the beautiful southern Black Forest; the seminar house also offers attractive landscape scenery.

Get to know us by participating in one of our seminars!

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Leaders and co-workers (currently no offer)

Leaders and co-workers (currently no offer)

For leaders and Co-workers in ministry, society and the economy.

For all

For all

Entrepreneur (currently no offer)

Entrepreneur (currently no offer)

Healing (currently no offer)

Healing (currently no offer)

What do the seminar participants say about us?

"I am so grateful to God for what he has changed in my life these past days, and that's not just a change that will last a few days in daily life, but it’s something I can live with."
"God has shown me things in my life, and healing has happened! I am impressed with how God speaks to me, and I also have felt God's love through the staff."
"Burdens have fallen away from me, related to my profession, to my family ... In my relationship with God, something new has started, I have started a new love relationship with Jesus, I have brought my life to the cross and renewed my commitment to Jesus."
(Joshua Intensive Seminar)

"I came very exhausted, after a few months that had drained me a lot, I just wanted a touch from God, a refreshment. On the first day I was not feeling so well, but the next night, I woke up the next morning and felt: Something happened: God just restored me! Just overnight! This is awesome! I just want to testify that I have experienced restoration - out of nowhere! God just gave it to me! And that's really strong."

"I am very touched by how God knows me and the prophetic words were just right, but also the dignity he gives me and the promises - so, I would never dare to say that of myself ..."

(Joshua Auszeit – Time with God Seminar)

"We felt very much welcomed as a married couple here and especially in the prophetic part of God's voice speak specifically in our lives and that was the first time for me so that it was so completely concrete, which has taken us further for the professional but also for the personal sphere, for our marriage, for our family, and we are very grateful to God for that."

(Joshua Business)

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