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We are glad about your visit on our homepage and present what moves us. In the last year, God has invited us again and again to meet Him. The encounters were not so much about our needs or concerns, but simply about getting to know Him even better. To be in His presence, to enter into His rest and to be open to what He wants to say to us. He has invited us anew to live out of His love for us and not out of our service to Him. When we encounter His love, we see our lives from His perspective, we become whole to the core, we gain courage for the future - and so much more. We are convinced that God has set Joshua Ministry as a place to meet. A place to meet Him first and foremost, but also as a place to meet one another, to share heart-to-heart, and to live together as equals.

And so we are happy to offer opportunities for such encounters and wish you much joy in discovering our offers.

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Come to us

Come to us

Welcome to our seminars and services.

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We come to you

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Encounter online

Encounter online

What do the seminar participants say about us?

"I am so grateful to God for what he has changed in me in these few days. And this is not just a change that lasted a few days in everyday life, but which I can still experience in exactly the same way now."

"Burdens have fallen off me, professionally, familially... Something new has arisen in my relationship with God. My love relationship with Jesus has begun anew. I have brought my life to the cross and given my life anew to Jesus."

"I came very exhausted after a few months that had left me very drained. I just wanted God to touch me, to refresh me. The first day I didn't feel so well, but the next night, I woke up the next morning and felt: something happened: God has simply restored me! Simply overnight! That's amazing! I just want to testify that I experienced restoration - as if out of nowhere! God just gave it to me! And that's really powerful."

"I'm very touched by how God just knows me and the prophetic words were spot on, but also about the dignity He gives me. And the promises - well, I would never dare say that about myself..."

"We felt very welcomed here as a couple and we let God's voice speak very concretely into our lives, especially in the prophetic part, and that was the first time for me that it was so completely concrete. It has brought us further in our professional lives, but also in our personal lives, for our marriage, for our family, and we are very grateful to God for that."

"It was the first seminar of this kind for me and I went home very fulfilled. I was very happy to have fellowship with you and God, to hear His voice and to enjoy the peace.

"Burdens have fallen off me, professionally, familially... In my relationship with God, something new has arisen. My love relationship with Jesus has begun anew."

"These days have saturated me deeply. I feel as if a new floor has been drawn into my life once again. I am so grateful for that."

"I am very grateful to Jesus for the time and I was surprised by HIM. He showed me again things from my childhood that were painful but from a completely different perspective. Especially in the quiet time where there was no programme, I could discuss these things with HIM, that was simply good. I experienced healing and a whole new joy."

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