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Our entire online shop and all steps to transfer personal information, such as Billing and delivery address are secured by an SSL certificate with 2.048 bit encryption. We take the protection of your data very seriously and therefore adhere to the high standards of secure transmission. In the following, we will explain the term SSL and what this means.

SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer" and encrypts the communication of data that is transported from your computer to a server. Often one sees the designation SSL / TLS, whereby the abbreviation TLS stands for "Transport Layer Security".

TLS is nothing more than the standardized evolution of Netscape's Secure Sockets Layer protocol: SSL was made a standard with version 3.1 and renamed TLS 1.0. However, as the term SSL is better known, it still applies.

Encryption takes place on the data to be transferred between Web browser and server, and the details can be found in a corresponding SSL certificate. In other words, the SSL certificate is like a contract between web browser and web server, in which the conditions are defined. The main tasks of TLS are:

- The authentication of the communication partners. In this case, asymmetric encryption methods are used.

- Confidential end-to-end data transfer using symmetric encryption. This is achieved with the use of a common session key.

- Ensuring the integrity of the transported data.

A digital SSL certificate (commission link) is thus a digital data record that confirms certain characteristics of persons or objects and whose authenticity and integrity can be tested by cryptographic methods. The digital certificate contains all the information needed for this exam.