Welcome to Joshua-Ministry!

The Josua-Dienst e.V. (Joshua-Ministries) is a non-profit, non-denominational Association based on Biblically principles that is primarily active in the fields of seminars, counselling and equipping Christians.

The name "Joshua-Ministries" refers to the biblical Joshua and like him this Ministry aims to support and equip those that are serving in God’s kingdom as leaders and collaborators, helping them to enter into their God’s given promised land.

“Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them--to the Israelites”. Joshua 1:2 NIV

The main topics of the different seminars relate to "equip", i.e. to empower the inner self , to encounter God and to relate to physical healing in Jesus Christ.

The Josua-Dienst is located in the beautiful southern Black Forest; the seminar house also offers attractive landscape scenery.

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Unsere Geschichte


Founded by Christoph († June 19, 2020) & Utta Häselbarth, establishing the seminar work in Strittmatt, as well as their international travel service.


Change of leadership from Häselbarths to the younger generation, to Michael & Gabriela Kienapfel, who over the years have established the family area in addition to seminar work.


Transfer of leadership to Volker & Christine Dehn, who previously worked and led in seminar work for many years and who helped to establish new types of seminars.

The Joshua-Ministry Team has 8 full part-time employees who live directly in Strittmatt.

The Josua-Dienst sees itself as a family service community. Accordingly, the personal commitment of the individual employees, both in terms of service and in terms of a friendly relationship with each other, is correspondingly large and intensive.

Unser Team

Volker & Christine Dehn

Leader Josua-Dienst

Peter & Esther Schulz


Patric & Ina Siemens


Stephanie Hirneise


Jannika Schadt


This is our seminar house

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